Roger's Shop is a small shop that repairs complex or delicate items.

If you have an item that you would like to get repaired, click the "REPAIRS COMPLETED" button at the top and you can see some of the work completed. This does not bound what the shop will do but gives you an idea of the type of things we do. Call, we will talk it over and suggest a solution.


Restoration is what we do most of the time. Restoration may be as simple as disassembly of a chandelier for cleaning and rewiring or as complex as a redesign, casting and machining of parts that have never worked to make the item function as intended. Lets talk it over and do what is needed. If a true RESTORE is needed, every effort will be made to use parts that will not alter the original intent, appearance, form or function. If an UPDATE is needed, it can be rebuilt to function as needed. We will discuss the plan and you can follow the work as it occurs. If things change or we find new information in the work, we will stop and re-plan.

Pricing depends on the item value, difficulty, time involved, equipment & materials needed. We can work by the hour or fixed price. 

  • How to transport the item to the shop or to repair it in place?
  • How quickly the repair is needed?
  • Is one item needed or many - over what period of time?
  • Will I need to use other shops to do some of the work?
  • What level of quality is required?

Roger was recently interviewed by Pat Ammons, a writer for the Huntsville Times. The resulting article was published as a feature in the July 7, 2013 Business section. The draft of that article with more pictures can be seen at:

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